How to get the most out of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus battery

Apple has unveiled a new battery that uses a different battery chemistry, but it uses the same power-sapping technology as the previous-generation iPhone 6 batteries.

The new batteries use a new electrolyte, an improved lithium-ion battery cell that is better able to hold more charge.

The iPhone 6 Plus battery is the most expensive battery on the market.

Apple has priced the iPhone at $649, which is $200 cheaper than the previous iPhone 6 battery.

The newest iPhone 6 and 6 Plus batteries have a rating of 8,800mAh and a capacity of 7,000mAh.

The battery in the new iPhone 6S has a rating 4,000 and a battery capacity of 3,000.

Apple has been slowly releasing battery-specific models, which can be upgraded with more advanced technologies and faster charging.

The company said that its newest iPhones will also feature Apple Pay, which has been in beta testing on iPhones for more than two years.