Apple Watch battery replacement

Apple Watch batteries are still going strong and Apple is looking to improve on last year’s poor performance by offering battery backup.

According to an article on Apple Watch’s site, Apple will be offering batteries for its most popular models starting at $10, and the company will be providing “a wide variety of models that will support Apple Watch Series 3 batteries for up to 12 months with no additional cost.”

In other words, you can expect Apple Watch and iPhone batteries to last for months with absolutely no cost.

Apple has also announced it will be shipping replacement batteries for the Apple Watch Band 2, Apple Watch Sport, and Apple Watch Edition, and they will be available for purchase through September 29th.

The company also plans to sell “up to 100,000 Apple Watch Battery Packs” for $30 each, which will cost $80 to $100 per pack, according to Apple Watch Watch’s own website.

Apple Watch series 3 battery replacement program will not come to the Apple TV yet, but it is said to be coming soon.