Aussie battery is coming to the market, and we need to know why

Updated November 21, 2018 06:17:12Australia’s biggest electricity producer, Ausgrid, is selling its battery batteries to consumers.

The company says the battery will be available by early 2019.

It has already sold around 10,000 batteries to customers in the US and Europe.

The batteries are being sold as part of a new $10 billion battery replacement program, AusGrid said.

It will replace batteries sold by its own customers with batteries supplied by manufacturers that have more advanced battery technology.

The cost is expected to be in the $10 to $15 per kilowatt-hour range.

It said the batteries were “up to 20 times more energy dense than current battery technology”.

But there are still some hurdles ahead.

“This battery is not the only battery in Australia, but it is a big milestone in the development of battery technology,” the company said in a statement.

“There are many batteries on the market today and it will take some time to make sure the technologies are stable and reliable.”

It will be able to power around 50,000 homes, but will need to be more economical than existing battery technology because of the battery’s weight.

It was a step closer to a commercial product when Ausgrid was awarded a $20 million grant by the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) last year to develop a range of battery products.

The project, known as AEMO 2020, is being led by Australia’s Department of Energy, Innovation and Science.

It is also looking to secure a $15 million investment from the Australian Government for a battery-based energy storage system to power the nation’s power grids.AEMA is also seeking to raise $10 million from private investors to develop its battery-powered energy storage network.

The AEMA grants aim to support Australia’s energy infrastructure and improve the efficiency of its electricity supply.

The battery will supply electricity to households, businesses and businesses in rural and regional areas.

A battery can be used for power generation, which is a process where electricity is generated from a source other than electricity generated by an energy source.