Battery daddy: Triple batteries cost $30,000 or more in the US

The first two batteries of your new iPhone 8 Plus cost you more than triple that.

That’s according to a report from a company that counts the cost of battery packs in its calculations.

Battery daddy estimates that each battery costs $30.50 in the United States.

The figures are based on an analysis of the battery pack price of the first three batteries and the average cost of the last four.

It doesn’t take into account the costs of the other batteries.

The company has been using the data to help investors estimate the value of batteries in the future.

The study also shows that the price of lithium-ion batteries has gone up nearly 100% since last year.

That means that the cost for the third battery is $40 more than the first two.

If you’ve been buying a new iPhone in the last few months, you’ll probably be looking at a premium battery pack for the first time.

It’s not uncommon to see prices on battery packs increase at the same time as the cost per kWh of new cellphones.

Lithium-ion battery packs are currently selling for about $350, or about a fifth of their initial price.

The most expensive battery pack on the market right now is the $600 Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus battery.

That pack is rated for about three hours of battery life.

Lithianium-Ion batteries can last for years.

They’re not a great option for everyday use, however, since they use up a lot of battery capacity.

If battery prices keep going up, it could have serious implications for the battery industry.

We’re in uncharted territory with batteries, but we’re starting to see signs that we’re going to get to the point where we can’t use them any more.

We’ve reached the point that battery prices are out of control and we need to figure out how to change that.

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