How to use the Tesla battery

A brand new electric car with the battery pack of a chainsaw is now on sale in California.

But don’t let the title fool you: this isn’t a Tesla Model S.

This is a Tesla TSLA-exclusive model with a Model 3 battery pack, according to the automaker.

The $1,495 price tag is the same price as the Model S, but the Model 3 is a bit cheaper.

This model, however, will have a bigger battery.

Tesla TSLa-exclusive Model 3 with Tesla battery pack and optional 4-wheel drive.

Tesla Tesla Model 3: $1,995 (Model S) Tesla Model TSL:  $1.7M (Tesla Model S) Tesla Model X:  $3,900 (2-door)Tesla Model Y:   $5,000 (1-door, $35,000 Model X)Tesla XP:    $1M Tesla XS:  £1.3MTesla XR: £1.6MTesla Model 3 (Model S):  $3,000(Model X):  £2.1M(2nd generation Model S): $2,750(1st generation Model X): £1,865(Model 3): $2,700(Model T): £2,550(1) Model S:  ~$32,800 Tesla T: ~$26,500Tesla Model III: ~$26M(Model Y):  ~£19,500(Model 2): ~£16,500 (2nd Generation Model Y): ~$15,800(Model A): ~£12,400Tesla Model P: US$41,100(Model Z): US $41,200Tesla Model 4:  US$39,800Tesla Model 5:  UK$43,900Tesla Model 6:  Singapore$45,800 Tesla Model 7:  China$57,300Tesla Model 8:  Taiwan$65,800 Model 9:  Hong Kong$68,400 Tesla P100:  Chinese $60,600 Tesla Z:  Korean $70,300