When you buy a new cell phone: What’s the difference between the two battery types?

Cr1225 batteries are used for cell phones, portable electronic devices, and solar panels.

Their price ranges from around $300 for a 30-watt unit to more than $700 for a 1,500-watts unit.

But there are also cheaper options, and they’re often found in smaller devices like tablets and computers.

Cr1220 batteries are also used in laptops and other portable electronic items, but they have an advantage over Cr1250 batteries, which are more efficient and are more widely available.

A Cr1230 battery has a higher capacity but a smaller battery.

Cr930 batteries have the longest life of all the battery types, and the best quality of any of them.

The CR1220 battery is rated for between 100 and 150 hours of continuous use, but it has a longer life than the CR1225.

That’s because Cr1260 batteries are more energy dense.

The Cr1270 is rated at 250 hours of charge and is also more energy efficient than Cr1235 batteries.