How to find the best Apple iPhone 6 battery in Milwaukee

A Milwaukee man is spending hundreds of dollars to find a brand new iPhone 6 that he says he never expected to find in his garage.

In an effort to find this iPhone 6, Scott Schulman spent thousands of dollars in a search for a new battery that he had never heard of before.

In a blog post on Monday, Schulmans son shared what he has discovered about his father’s iPhone 6.

The man from Milwaukee told Business Insider that his father is an avid user of Twitter and Instagram, so he had to spend a lot of time on the internet to find his missing iPhone 6 from his garage in the past few weeks.

He said that he found it in an old garage and contacted Apple and was told it would take about a week to arrive.

Schulman told Business Insider that he spent the past two months trying to find it, including looking for people to ask questions on Instagram, but had to turn down nearly every request because of his lack of time.

He said that this is the first time he has found an iPhone 6 in his lifetime.

Schuelman said that it took him a total of three hours to find an iPhone, but that it was worth it.

He posted a video on YouTube of the process that he went through to find and find the iPhone in his fathers garage.

He also shared how he found out about his missing battery, which he was hoping would lead to an iPhone 7.

Schaulman is a big fan of Apple, but said that his son is a little different.

He told BusinessInsider that the iPhone 6 has a large screen and he was really happy to see a new model.

He is happy that he got a brand-new battery that is the perfect fit for him, but he was sad that he did not find out about the iPhone’s battery until he got home and checked his phone.

Schulaman said in his blog post that he will use the battery to power his new TV and to power up his car.

He has also started using it as a flashlight to help him find the lights he missed out on during his search.

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