How to get your electric car back on the road

The electric car industry is on the verge of a huge milestone: a battery-disconnect switch, which lets you disconnect your car’s battery from the grid.

The switch, the first of its kind, could make it easier for drivers to start charging their cars when they’re not on the move, and would also allow them to avoid having to pay for a new battery.

But it’s a big milestone, and it won’t happen overnight.

For now, though, the switch will make it possible for Tesla owners to get back on their cars.

In a press release announcing the switch, Tesla said that drivers who do not have the switch installed on their car can download a free app to activate it, which is scheduled to go live this week.

The automaker will offer up to 15 hours of free time to install the switch on a Tesla.

The company also plans to offer a free trial period for anyone who wants to try out the switch.

“The technology behind this switch is truly revolutionary and Tesla is thrilled to be the first electric car company to release it,” said James Pich, the company’s director of product strategy.

“Tesla owners can now start enjoying the benefits of charging their Tesla while also saving a lot of money on the electric vehicle purchase and maintenance bill.

The Tesla Switch will provide a new way for drivers, as well as customers, to benefit from the electric vehicles future.”

The automaker’s release said that the switch “provides immediate benefits for both the Tesla driver and Tesla customer by eliminating the need for the electric car owner to own and maintain a new or upgraded battery, thereby reducing the amount of electricity needed for a trip and freeing up vehicle batteries for other purposes.”

Tesla has been working on the switch for some time, but it took until now to get the technology to market.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk first hinted at the switch in a post on his personal blog, in March, and promised to make the switch available to everyone in the US by the end of the year.

While it’s possible to buy a Tesla without a battery switch, it’s also possible to use an older version of the Tesla App that requires the battery.

Tesla said that Tesla owners can also download a FREE app called Autozone to activate the switch to get up and running quickly.

The app, which allows drivers to activate a Tesla’s Autozones battery, can be downloaded for free at or through the company app.

The switch will help make Tesla easier to drive, too.

The technology allows Tesla drivers to remotely activate a vehicle’s Autoshields, which are used for stopping the car in case of an emergency.

If the Autosholts are activated in time, Tesla drivers will be able to recharge their batteries.

If a battery goes dead, Tesla will send an alert to the driver’s phone that a switch has been activated.

It’s not just drivers who will benefit from this switch.

Tesla said it will also make it more convenient for owners to install it.

“Autozone has developed an app for Tesla drivers, which will automatically activate the Autozoan switch to help save a lot on the cost of an Autosholder,” Musk wrote in a blog post.

“Users can also use Autozon to automatically start a car if they have a spare battery.

Autozoning also makes it easier to get an Autozoned car back online with one tap.”

With Tesla’s switch, owners of the Model 3 can start charging it now, which should make it much easier to start driving again.

If you’d like to see the switch and other Tesla technologies in action, check out the video below:

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