How to use your phone to save on car batteries

A new type of car battery that can be charged from a USB port can cost about $5.00, according to a new article in the Consumer Reports magazine.

The company tested the charger for a week and found it to be the cheapest way to charge a car battery, according the article, titled Charging your car from a MicroUSB Charger.

The new charger is called the 5V5G Battery and it comes with a USB-C charging port.

The 5V battery is also the most popular charging port in the world and it’s the reason the USB-CS is the leading charging port category for consumers.

The 5V port is not as popular as the USB 2.0 port, according a spokesperson for Consumer Reports.

The USB-S battery has a smaller 5V connection.

The microUSB port is also not as widely used.

Consumer Reports says that the 5v port is often found in cars with a 5V charger or in a laptop with a microUSB.

The company says that if the microUSB charging port is installed in the car, the battery can only be charged for about 20 minutes before it needs to be replaced.

If the 5 V port is used in the laptop, the charging time is increased to 60 minutes.

The new microUSB charger has a charging time of 60 minutes, but Consumer Reports says the 5 volts should be used in a more secure environment.

Consumer Reports notes that the charger is also less likely to be stolen and is a good option for someone with limited funds.

Consumer reports said the 5 volt charging port works best if installed in a garage with other cars.

The manufacturer also said that the micro USB charging port can be installed in homes, but it may not be an ideal solution for most people.

Consumer reports said that some people may want to leave the micro port on the car for longer periods of time.

If you are looking for a better solution for a car charging port, you should look into the 5volt charging port from Tesla.

Tesla also said the charging port could be an option for cars that do not have a micro USB connector, such as plug-in hybrids.