Tesla plans to make battery-powered electric cars available in 2018

Tesla is set to make batteries available in its cars in 2018, the company announced today.

The announcement came as the company looks to make its electric cars cheaper and more accessible to people in developing markets around the world.

The company said that it will launch two versions of the battery-operated car in 2018: a Tesla Model S with a larger battery pack and a Model X SUV with a smaller battery pack.

The first vehicle, which will be available in late 2018, will have a larger pack.

In the Model X, the new battery will be mounted in the middle of the vehicle and will have “Tesla’s signature supercharging technology,” Tesla said.

The new battery in the Model S will be connected to the rear axle via a Tesla Connected Control System, which uses magnets to move the charging cable around the car.

Tesla will start selling the Model Y SUV in 2019 and the Model 3 in 2020.

The company said it plans to offer more battery options in future vehicles.

Tesla’s new battery-driven cars are expected to be cheaper than those in the Tesla Model X or Model 3.