Tesla unveils new 3D sensor system for battery fan

Tesla is taking the wraps off a new 3-D sensor for battery fans, a part of its battery system that could help keep a car’s engine cool.

The new sensor, dubbed the “3D fan sensor,” is part of the company’s Battery Power Control system, which is part electric car, part battery, and part energy management.

The 3D fan is the fan mounted to the battery, where it’s used to regulate fan speed and fan speed changes.

The sensor is capable of detecting voltage fluctuations and changes in temperature.

Tesla’s 3D fans are part of a battery system with a dedicated heat exchanger to heat the batteries.

That heat exchangers are mounted on the underside of the battery.

The heat exchanges are designed to be able to transfer heat to the batteries and heat them to the same temperature.

Tesla says the new 3d fan sensor is an integral part of this system.

“The new 3DMFan sensor is part and parcel of the Battery Power control system,” said a Tesla spokesperson.

“It will monitor battery temperature and fan speeds for the driver and the passenger, and when it detects a change in temperature it will act as a heat exchange to transfer the excess heat to a battery.

This allows for the efficient and safe cooling of the batteries.”

The company’s new 3dmFan sensor comes with a built-in battery temperature sensor, a thermal monitoring system, and a battery thermal controller.

Tesla has also designed a “Power Control” mode for the sensor, which allows the car to control fan speed based on a user-selected power setting.

Tesla’s spokesperson said the battery fan sensor uses a custom design to allow it to sense temperature fluctuations without overheating the batteries or overheating their electronics.

This sensor has a temperature of 0.5 degrees Celsius and can detect temperature fluctuations of between 0.05 and 0.15 degrees Celsius.

It can measure temperature variations of up to 1.0 degrees Celsius over time.

Tesla claims that this sensor has been able to detect temperature changes of up and over 5 degrees Celsius in under 5 minutes.

The company is currently working with multiple automakers on 3D sensors for cars.

The sensors are expected to be available in 2018.

Tesla is also planning to release an upgraded version of its Power Control mode for a new model in 2019.

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