The Battery Powered Lamp

By now, you’ve likely heard of batteries. 

They’re used in almost everything from smartphones to portable music players. 

But they’re also important in a lot of other areas too, like powering your home theater and other devices. 

And if you’re one of those who has been stuck with an old, cheap or crappy battery, you might want to check out this new battery powered lamp that has been designed by a company called Lights on Battery. 

You might even think of it as the next wave of affordable, battery powered lighting.

The Lamps on Battery battery power lamp has the advantage of being a portable, rechargeable energy source, as well as having the proprietary BH5 lithium ion battery pack. 

It’s available in either white, blue, red or black. 

“BH 5 is the first lithium ion energy storage battery that can charge in a non-rechargeable form,” LIGHTS on Battery told Engadget. 

While the battery is nonrechargeables, it has the advantage of being rechargeable. 

Light on Battery is a startup based in China that’s made its name by making portable power trains. 

The Lamp on Battery lamp is the company’s first powertrain. 

With the lamps, you can use it to charge up your phones, tablets, cameras and other portable devices, but it can also be used as a power source for home theater systems. 

So, the Lamp on Battery has two main advantages: It’s small, compact, and easy to use. 

Additionally, Llights on Battery’s battery powered lamps can be connected to your home’s network for a complete power grid, as opposed to relying on the battery power supply of a laptop or a smartphone. 

In other words, you could use it as a battery for your home cinema or entertainment center. 

As a bonus, the company also has a new range of lumens with LED lighting. 

Here’s a video of the Lamp On Battery’s powertrain in action: The company says the Lambs on Battery are currently only available in white, and there’s no word on whether they’ll be available in any other colors. 

This batteries battery will be available for $30 and comes in a wide variety of colors including: White, Blue, Red, Black, Blue Green and Yellow. 

All of the lamps on the battles will also be available at Lifts Off Battery.

As Engadgnet reports, the Lumens will eventually be available for around $150. 

I have to say, the Bh5 bargain isn’t bad for a portable energy source. 

Even at $30, I think the price point is reasonable. 

Check out the lights on battery powertrain in action below: