The Samsung Galaxy S7 battery is one of the biggest in the world – it can hold a full charge

An Indian smartphone maker is selling its battery to the world, claiming it can handle an iPhone 6S Plus battery charge, but it doesn’t appear to be as powerful as its bigger brother.

Samsung has released a video showing off its battery, which it claims can hold up to a full day of usage on the iPhone 6 Plus, but the device in question, the Galaxy S8, only packs 4GB of RAM.

The Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge all come with 4GB, while the Note7’s 5.7-inch display and 8MP camera are the only ones with 4.2GB of memory.

It’s possible that Samsung is selling a variant of the battery for use in the Galaxy Note8, which would add another 10GB of storage, but in our testing it seems that it doesn