How to find your iPhone battery percentage

If you’re a fan of finding your phone’s battery percentage (battery percentage), this handy calculator will help you figure out how much juice you need to charge your device.

The battery calculator uses a smartphone battery percentage indicator to show you the percentage of time you’re charging your device (not the actual battery life), how long you’ve been charging it, and how much power you’re getting.

If you have more than 50 percent charged, your device is charging at its full capacity.

The calculator uses an Apple Watch battery indicator to display your percentage of charged time.

The calculator uses the following factors to calculate your percentage:Your device’s battery capacityYou’ve been using it a certain amount of timeThe device is fully chargedHow long it has been chargingHow much power is being sent to your deviceBattery life is how long it takes your phone to completely fill its batteryThe calculator also shows you how much you can charge your phone using the following steps:1.

Go to Settings.

Tap on Battery.2.

Tap the Charging indicator.3.

Tap to Charge.4.

Tap a number from the top of the screen to determine the battery percentage.5.

Use the calculator to figure out if you can recharge your device with more power than you currently have.

To see how many hours you’ve spent charging your iPhone, you can enter a time of day or a location.

To check how much battery power your phone is using, you should also enter the date of your last charge.