How Apple’s $1 billion iPhone battery was made

Apple’s battery for its latest iPhone has finally been made.

Apple CEO Tim Cook shared the news on Twitter Monday evening, writing:This battery is the most powerful lithium-ion battery on the market, which means it will go toe-to-toe with the next-generation Tesla Model 3 and Model S batteries in terms of performance.

The new iPhone 7 battery is made from a new material called ayrpro battery that has been designed to be a “more efficient” battery, Cook wrote.

The material has been optimized for better performance and lower cost compared to ayrprop batteries, which typically produce a lower-capacity battery that also offers lower efficiency.

Cook noted that the material was designed to “take advantage of the performance of the battery, and to deliver longer battery life, even with shorter charging times.”

Cook wrote that the new material is the first material in Apple’s lineup to be designed specifically for the iPhone 7.

This means that Apple will be able to produce a battery that is “greater than what you’ll get from other manufacturers.”

The new material was developed to deliver a longer battery-life than what we see in other iPhones, Apple said in a blog post about the iPhone’s battery.

The new material’s main advantage is its high energy density, which helps increase battery life by as much as 50 percent compared to other materials, according to Apple.