Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus have better battery life than iPhone 6S, but the difference is tiny

Lead acid batteries are still one of the most promising battery technology advancements of the next few years.

But even though Apple is one of its most promising suppliers, battery life is still not great for most users.

We’ve taken the time to compare the performance of a new battery pack from the Apple iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, and the results are pretty disappointing.

Apple’s newest iPhone 7 battery pack uses an all-new, all-solid-state lithium-ion battery design, which has seen its performance improved from the iPhone 6 and the S7, but still doesn’t offer a huge leap forward.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 also doesn’t come with a new solid-state battery, but it offers similar performance.

Apple’s new battery packs use solid-states for their energy storage, which is why the iPhone 7’s battery packs are so much more powerful than its predecessors.

However, Samsung’s battery is more flexible and durable, so its performance will likely be similar to the iPhone’s.

We expect the battery to be about 10% faster, and 10% better, than Apple’s.

Battery life on the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy devices is actually quite good.

But it’s a pretty big difference.

We ran the battery tests for both devices and compared the battery life on both of them to a battery from a third-party supplier.

The Galaxy S6 battery packs last longer than its predecessor.

The S6’s batteries lasted about three hours on average.

The iPhone 7s battery pack lasted about 10 hours on a single charge.

We didn’t test both batteries separately, but our battery life estimates show that Samsung’s batteries last about 10 percent longer than Apple devices.

We also found that Samsung is more reliable in its battery life claims, though we’ve yet to see it in practice.

Apple and Samsung both offer their new battery technology at an affordable price, so consumers shouldn’t be too concerned about the cost difference between the two new battery models.

However, Samsung will have to work harder to convince Apple that it has the same level of reliability as Apple.

Apple has yet to announce any solid-State battery technology for the iPhone, and Samsung hasn’t been able to make a solid-STATE battery for a while.

Apple will likely have to push Samsung hard to come up with a solid State battery that is comparable to Apple’s battery, though.

If Samsung can do so, it will make Samsung a more credible supplier of battery technology.