$5.6 million for $15,000 chainsaw – Axon

A company that has built and sold a $5,6 million chainsaw is putting its money where its mouth is by launching a $15 million battery powered electric vehicle powered by its $50 million lithium ion battery.

The $5 million project is a new project for Axon Motorcycles and its partner, Wax.

It’s called the Axon SR626sw, which stands for the SR626, the Swedish name for a single-cylinder engine with a transmission of the same name.

The Axon company said it expects to have its first production vehicles ready for testing by the end of the year.

The company says it’s aiming to build up to 150 SR626s and sell them to consumers through the company’s online sales site, Axon.com.

The company’s electric vehicle will use a new 3-volt battery technology called “power storage.”

It’s a battery that has two electrodes that store electricity when they’re activated, and one electrode when they are discharged.

When a voltage is released, the energy can be transferred to a motor shaft and transferred to the battery to power a motor.

“Power storage” is one of the biggest technology advances in electric vehicles, and Axon says it has been working on the technology for several years.

The technology has been used in several models of electric motorcycles, and it’s one of three technologies on the roadmap for EVs.

The project also includes a $7 million partnership with a company called Fisker, which is making a $25 million powertrain for the upcoming Cadillac CT6 SUV.

Fisker is a company that makes electric motorcycles.

The Fiskers range is a little over 5,000 miles on a single charge.

The powertrain is expected to be capable of a top speed of about 250 miles per hour and a range of 400 miles.

Fischer says it is using the powertrain technology in the Axons production line.

The technology will be used to power the Axondes powertrain, but the Axonda will be powered by the battery, Fiskercontrol says.

Fisher, an auto parts supplier, and other companies are also involved in the project, according to the company.

The Axonde is the first of a number of electric-powered cars to be developed by Axon, Axondia and other automakers.

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